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Stone Crusher Plant

Stone crusher penta
 Stone Crusher Plant - Cimahi



General Specification:

  1. Raw material: River stone
  2. Input size:200-400mm
  3. Output size: 0-5mm, 5-12mm, 12-26mm
  4. Capacity:100TPH


Prinsip Kerja

Working Principle

Vibrating feeder is made of vibrating frame, spring, vibrator, motor vibrating device and motor. The vibrator consists two fixed eccentric shafts whose gears are jogged. When installation, the two gears must be jogged according to the sign. By drive of the motor, the two eccentric shafts start rotating to generate a linear huge power which forces the feeder to vibrate back and forth. Through the vibration, The materials will slip and sling on the funnel, moving forward, when the materials pass the screening part, smaller material

Pilihan Konfigurasi

Tersedia pilihan dengan konfigurasi :

  1. Kombinasi Impact Crusher untuk Primary Crusher & Cone Crusher untuk secondary crusher
  2. Kombinasi Jaw Crusher untuk Primary Crusher & Jaw Crusher untuk secondary crusher ( Harga lebih Ekonomis )

Stone Crusher Plant Video

 Made in Indonesia