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lab category 216 216Peralatan Laboratorium Pertambangan dan Batubara
Pentainti menyediakan berbagai macam mesin laboratorium pertambangan untuk penyiapan sampel dan mengurangi material. Kami menyediakan berbagai peralatan laboratorium. Kami juga dapat menyediakan laboratorium pertambangan  siap pakai sesuai kebutuhan pelanggan.

6100 Calorimeter

The 6100 Calorimeter is intended for the user who wants a modern calorimeter with the con- venient automatic features provided in the 6200 Calorimeter and whose precision require- ments can be met with a static system without isoperibol control. Or, for users whose work- load is small or intermittent, making it preferable to purchase a lower cost model. All steps in the test procedure are managed by a microprocessor control system programmed to operate the calorimeter in either the conventional equilibrium mode or in a faster dynamic mode. All data is handled automatically by a dedicated microcomputer


  • A built-in semi-automatic system for charging the combustion vessel with oxygen.
  • A high precision electronic thermometer.
  • A bright, color, touch screen display for data entry and operation control.
  • Special communication ports for printer, computer and network (LAN) connections.
  • Removable compact flash memory card slot for simple program updates and test report archiving.
  • A moderately priced calorimeter for users who do not require the highest attainable precision.
  • A traditional design calorimeter with removable oxygen combustion vessel and bucket.
  • A high speed calorimeter capable of performing up to 9 tests per hour when supplied with two combustion vessels and buckets.
  • A modern intuitive graphical user interface for ease of operation and training.

Supplied with

  • Calorimeter module with built-in calorimeter controller.
  • 1108 Oxygen Combustion Vessel for use up to 12000 calories/charge and oxygen charging pres- sures up to 45 atm.
  • Oval Bucket
  • Accessories for installation

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